The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – What it is about?

The oral traditions, literature, religions, philosophies and other fragments of a Great Secret have been found over the centuries. For the first time, all The Secret’s works come together in an unbelievable revelation that will transform everybody’s life.

In the book you learn to make the secret use of the money, health , relationships, happiness and all the interactions you’ve got in the world in every aspect of your life. You’ll begin to understand the untapped, hidden power within you, and this disclosure can make every aspect of your life joyful.

The secret contains the knowledge of modern teachers, men and women who used it to achieve health, prosperity and happiness. By applying the knowledge of the secret, they bring to light compelling storeys of disease eradication, the acquisition of massive wealth and the overcoming of obstacles.

About the Book

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