The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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The book review: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The lesson of Eckhart Tolle is simple: the truest road to peace and illumination is to live in this moment. And while this letter does not look beautifully original or new, Tolle’s straightforward prose, encouraging voice, and excitement make it a perfect manual for anybody who’s ever curious about what “to live now” is all about.

Most notably, Tolle is a world-class trainer who can describe in concrete terms complex concepts. Furthermore, readers already hold the world in another container within the chapter of reading this book — they are aware of how thoughts and emotions hinder their ability to live in genuine peace and happiness.

In The Strength of Today, Tolle throws in lots of knowledge and suggestions. He has, luckily, inserted markers that symbolise “Broke Time.” (The subjects include the Chi root, illumined relationships, imaginative use of the imagination, impermanence and the circle of life).

Now is why you can shut the book and think about what you read. As a result of this, The Power of Now reads as the much-applauded Miracle A Course — a spiritual guide which can inspire as many groups of learners and change as many lives for the better. —Hudson Gail

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – Review

You must leave your analysis and his false self, the ego, behind to make the journey to the Power of now. Access to the present is anywhere-in the body, quiet and space. This are the keys to an inner harmony. You can use them to get you into the Now, now that there are no problems. This is your joy and your true self. You can embrace it. You find here that you are already perfect and complete.

Eckhart Tolle presents simple words in a question and answer style, but the journey is difficult. The words themselves are the signs for your journey. Fresh observations are to be made on this trip. You are not mindful, you should find a way out of the internal suffering, true human strength finds itself by offering yourself to the Now. When you become fully present, you open yourself to the transformative experience of the Power of the present.

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