The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

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The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho – What is this about?

The Fifth Mountain is the novel of Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, which was published in Brazil in 1996. The novel is an explanation of the story of Elijah, the Hebrew Bible the old prophet of the testament, and the story of his hardships, trials, and sufferings, as he learns of his own love and desire to love and to forgive others.

In the year 870 BC. The Phoenician rule over Israel and Queen Jezabel want the people to pursue their own religion from her homeland. The Phoenician Princess Jezebel requested all the prophets in 9th century B.C. to execute who will deny adoration of the heathen god Baal. Commanded to leave Israel by the angel of Heaven, Elijah seeks refuge in Zarephath, where a young widow suddenly discovers true love. Yet this fresh rapture is to be curtailed and, as Elijah is swung to the tide of events that endanger his very life, he has all his hopes and desires eradicated without reservation.

The Fifth Mountain is a silently moving tale of one man who is touched by the hand of God and who has to prevail over his frustrations in a daunting trial of faith. It was written in the same masterful language and with the precision that made The Alchemist, a universal sensation.

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The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

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