The Archer by Paulo Coelho

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A New Journey in spirituality – The Archer

The Archer by Paulo Coelho

From the #1 best-selling author of The Alchemist comes an inspirational tale “The Archer by Paulo Coelho” about a young fellow finding enlightenment from an ancestor, and the practical lessons imparted along the way. Includes spectacular drawings by Christoph Niemann.

In The Archer, we meet Tetsuya, a man once renowned for his prodigious gift with a bow and arrow, but who has since retired from public life, and the boy who comes to look for him. The boy has several questions, and in addressing them, Tetsuya reveals the path of the bow and the tenets of a meaningful life. Paulo Coelho’s story indicates that living without a bond between action and soul cannot be fulfilled, that a life limited by fear of rejection or disappointment is not a life worth living. Instead, one must take chances, develop confidence, and accept the unforeseen path that fate has to bring.

With the wisdom, kindness, humility and grace that have made him an international bestseller, Paulo Coelho sets the foundation for a fulfilling life: hard work, ambition, intent, thoughtfulness, ability to try, and the desire to make a difference.

The Archer by Paulo Coelho – The review

People are giving mixed reviews about this book on Some described it as the talk between the two stoned friends at 3 AM while some say “You can’t put it down once you start”. Rated by about 288 readers, this book has an average rating of 3.72/5.

This book was originally published in 2003 as “The Way of the Bow”. Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian author, has now become a brand. So, the book has now come again under a different name of “The Archer”.

What’s inside the new book ?

The Archer is the illustrated version of the way of the bow. It includes many full-page drawings by German artist Christoph Niemann and some blank pages as well.. The blank pages serve as a silent spot to ingest advice like, “Trust your intuition and pay no attention to what anyone else can say.” The superficiality of The Archer is compounded by its deadening style.

About the Book:

  • Book Name: The Archer
  • Author: Paulo Coelho, Illustration by Christoph Niemann
  • Genre: Spirituality, Fiction
  • Ratings:  3.72/5   (

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