Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure or Fanny Hill

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Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure – What is the story about?

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure is the story of Young Fanny Hill. She is deceived into a prostitution life but soon discovers the resilience of her body as her sexual passion is taught. She will quickly escape her fate because of a rich young man’s caring embrace. But misadventure and destiny will hinder her from being happy at home. Instead, Fanny learns that sex doesn’t have to be just about lust. She then discusses these pleasures to the fullest possible degree. The trip of Fanny through the worlds of sexual gratification is a literary tour de force, both with elderly people and young people and with women as well in power roles and circumstances where she does not have one.

About the Book

The novel is published as a collection of letters to an anonymous woman from Frances’ “Fanny” Hill, and Fanny defends her decisions in his life. The seminal work prohibition of Jon Cleland was eventually repealed in 1973, previously outlawed for its corrupting influence. William Hogarth’s work was often seen as early feminist work but was largely intended as an intensely erotic work, which was privately shared by much of his past. Recommended for people interested in erotic literature.

  • Book Name: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure or Fanny Hill
  • Author: John Cleland
  • Genre: Adult, Fiction,
  • Ratings:  3.31/5  (

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