Looking for Alaska by John Green

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The Book review: Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska is John Green’s award-winning, genre-defining debut, the # 1 best selling author of All the Way Down Turtles and The Flaw in Our Stars.

From then. With his stable life at home, Miles “Pudge” Halter is over. “His entire life was one major non-event, and his fascination with famous last words just made him desire ever more of” the Wonderful Maybe “(Francois Rabelais, poet). He heads off into Culver Creek Boarding School’s occasionally wild and anything-but-boring world, and his life becomes the opposite of healthy. And he’s Alaska Young down the hall. The pretty, the smart, the funny, the attractive, the self-destructive, the fucked up, and the totally fascinating.

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To herself, she is an occurrence. She’s dragging Pudge into her universe, launching him into Maybe the Amazing, and taking his spirit. Oh, then.
After. Uh, after. Nothing is the same, ever.

In their not-so-original vices and a sudden drama that leads to nonsense talk, a bunch of adolescents attempt to alleviate their anxieties. Of course, all hiding in a pair of gorgeous quotations wrapping all the ‘inspiring-sites’ on the internet, the reason I got to the book and I bet you, too.

Prizes won

  • Winner of the Michael L. Printz Award
  • A Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist
  • A New York Times Bestseller
  • A USA Today Bestseller
  • NPR’s Top Ten Best-Ever Teen Novels
  • TIME magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Novels of All Time
  • A PBS Great American Read Selection
  • Millions of copies sold!

Looking for Alaska by John Green free book download. Download link below.

About the Book

  • Book Name: Looking for Alaska
  • Author: John Green
  • Genre: Adult, Fiction
  • Language: English
  • File type: pdf, epub
  • File size: 1 MB, 311 kb
  • Ratings:  4.02/5   (Goodreads.com)

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Looking for Alaska by John Green free book download.

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