Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

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The Book review: Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

Robert Graysmith was working as a cartoonist for San Francisco Chronicle in the late 1960s when Zodiac killing started. One morning, the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter in which a man called “Zodiac” claimed that he has murdered someone. He threatened to kill more people and asked to publish the coded letter in the newspaper. The coded letter contained the identity of the killer. These coded letters have defied the greatest codebreaking minds of the CIA, FBI and NSA.

In this book, Robert Graysmith has tried to portray the whole picture of the Zodiac killing incident. He learnt how did Zodiac write the untraceable letters. What was his obsession with killing and his inspiration for crossed-circle symbol and his costume? Robert has presented actual letters of the zodiac and many facts about the killing which were not made public earlier.

The pursuit of finding the true identity of the killer spans almost two decades and still goes on. At one time over 2500 suspects were scanned.

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Zodiac by Robert Graysmith.

About the book

  • Book Name: Zodiac
  • Author: Robert Graysmith
  • Genre: Nonfiction, True-crime
  • Language: English
  • File type: pdf
  • File size: 72MB
  • Pages: 200
  • Ratings: 3.91/5 (Goodreads)

Download Zodiac free pdf.

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