Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

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download word power made easy by Norman Lewis free pdf.

The Book Review: Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

This book uses the etymological approach to learn words quickly and permanently. Norman has divided the book into three parts.

Part I gives a good start to your vocabulary learning process. First, it tests the present status of your vocabulary and at the same time teaches us methods to build a strong vocabulary. The first parts talk about different types of professions and personalities that we encounter in our daily life and also how to talk about these professions and personalities.

Part II gives momentum to your learning process. This part shifts from nouns to actions. This part increases your vocabulary to talk about different actions, types of speeches, how to talk about your enemy and how to flatter your friends.

Part III finishes your leaning process with a sense of complete success. This part mainly focuses on various phenomenon and occurrences. There is a separate chapter which talks about personal characteristics.

Every part ends with a test to check your progress and every chapter is also divided into various sessions. There are various exercises to help you memorize new words.

This book is not meant for reading but to work with it. Word Power Made Easy builds the vocabulary with ease. It is for sure that when you complete this book you would have learnt more words than you would have learnt in a year of constant reading.

From the Book:

Don’t read this book!
Instead, work with it. Talk aloud to it, talk back to it—use your voice, not just your eyes and mind.
Learning, real learning, goes on only through active participation.
When a new word occurs in a chapter, say it aloud! (The phonetic respelling will help you pronounce it correctly.)
When you do the matching exercises, keep track of your responses. (Check the key that immediately follows each exercise.)
When you do the “Yes-No,” “True-False,” or “Same-Opposite” exercises, keep track of your responses, then check with the key when you have completed the whole exercise.
When you are asked to fill in words that fit definitions, write your answers on a piece of paper; then check the key both to see if you have responded with the right word and also to make sure your spelling is correct.

Word Power Made Easy

About the Book:

  • Book Name: Word Power Made Easy
  • Author: Norman Lewis
  • Genre: Education
  • Language English
  • File Type: pdf
  • File size: 2MB
  • Pages: 676
  • Ratings: 4.40/5 (Goodreads.com)

download word power made easy by Norman Lewis free pdf.

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