Theory of Machines by Dr. Sadhu Singh

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Theory of Machines is a subject for mechanical, production, industrial, aeronautical, agriculture, automobile engineering students. It is an ideal book for semesters as well as government engineering exams such as IAS, IES, PSUs, and GATE.

Theory of Machines by Sadhu Singh covers both kinematics and dynamics aspects of the subject. In this edition, three new chapters on Kinetic synthesis of planar mechanisms, Mechanical vibrations, and Automatic control have been added.

The book contains a good amount of solved problems in each section of chapters. A summary of the topics covered is provided at the end of each chapter for quick revision. Objective, subjective, and numerical problems are also given at the end of chapters. In addition to it, more than 400 multiple choice questions are given along with expectations at the end of the book.

This book “Theory of Machines by Sadhu Singh”  is divided into the following chapters. 

  1. Mechanisms 
  2. Velocity in Mechanisms
  3. Acceleration in Mechanisms
  4. Mechanisms with lower pairs
  5. Friction
  6. Belts, chains, and ropes
  7. Brakes, Clutches, and Dynamometers
  8. Cams
  9. Governors
  10. Inertia force and Turning moments
  11. Static and dynamic force analysis
  12. Balancing
  13. Gyroscopic and Precessional motion
  14. Gears
  15. Gear Trains
  16. Kinematic synthesis of Planar mechanisms
  17. Mechanical Vibrations
  18. Automatic Control

About Book 

  • Book – Theory of Machines 
  • Author – Dr. Sadhu Singh
  • Genre: Education, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Pages – 1393
  • Year – 2011
  • File type – PDF 
  • File size – 33MB

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