The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle

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The last unicorn by Peter Beagle is a fantasy novel. Listed as one of the best fantasy novels on the Forbes list, It is the story of Unicorn who thinks that she is the last remaining unicorn on the Earth. However, Unicorns are immortals but She cannot stop her from leaving the forest to the outer world in search of the truth.

The book review: The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle

She lived in a lilac wood, is old and alone. She remembers seeing the young virgin unicorns but she had no idea of years, months, and days because there is always spring in this forest.

One day two human hunters, came to the jungle with bows to hunt deer. She kept following and listened to them. The hunters didn’t find any animal and they thought that there is a Unicorn in this forest who is protecting them. One of the hunters told the other that there are no unicorns left in this world. They left without any hunting.

This revelation of being alone in the world disturbed the unicorn. Initially, she dismissed it but eventually, she became worried and decides to leave the forest and find the truth.

From the Book: The Last Unicorn

That can’t be, she thought. She had never minded being alone, never seeing another unicorn, because she had always known that there were others like her in the world, and a unicorn needs no more than that for company. “But I would know if all the others were gone. I’d be gone too. Nothing can happen to them that does not happen to me.”

     Her own voice frightened her and made her want to be running. She moved along the dark paths of her forest, swift and shining, passing through sudden clearings unbearably brilliant with grass or soft with shadow, aware of everything around her, from the weeds that brushed her ankles to insect-quick flickers of blue and silver as the wind lifted the leaves. “Oh, I could never leave this, I never could, not if I really were the only unicorn in the world. I know how to live here, I know how everything smells, and tastes, and is. What could I ever search for in the world, except this again?”

What comes next is the adventurous journey of the Unicorn.

About the book:

  • Book Name: The Last Unicorn
  • Author: Peter S. Beagle
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Language: English
  • File type: epub
  • File size: 155kb
  • Ratings: 4.17/5 (

Download the last unicorn by Peter Beagle free pdf.

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