The Fox by Frederick Forsyth

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The book review: The Fox by Frederick Forsyth

Secret services of Britain, America and Russia are trying to take control of the world’s deadliest weapon. The deadliest weapon is not an atomic missile or a bio-weapon, or a computer with AI, not even a virus. An eighteen-year-old boy has the talent to hack into any security systems of the world. He can get control of their weapon systems. The boy can use their weapons to start a war or can use their weapons against them. Luke Jennings, a British teenager, is the deadliest weapon in the world.

Luke hacked the computers of Pentagon, NSA and CIA. SAS arrests Luke in a house raid. Weston, an MI6 officer along with Captain Harry Williams from SAS and Avigdor Hisch from Mossad, want to use the boy’s talent in cyberspace domain. They try to cripple the nuclear programs of Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Yevgeni Krilov, head of SVR, tries to prevent the plan of Weston.

The fox is a thriller story of race-against-time. Across continents, secret services of world superpower try to change the balance of world power. Luke must not fall into the wrong hands or the world must be ready to face the unthinkable.

From the book: The Fox

In the very early morning of 3 April 2019 a telephone rang in a modest bedroom under the eaves of the Special Forces Club in an anonymous townhouse in Knightsbridge, a wealthy district of London’s West End. At the third ring the bedside light came on. The sleeper was awake and fully functioning – the outcome of a lifetime of practice. He swung his feet to the floor and glanced at the illuminated panel before putting the apparatus to his ear. He also glanced at the clock beside the lamp. Four in the morning. Did this woman never sleep?

The Fox

About the book:

  • Book Name: The Fox
  • Author: Frederick Forsyth
  • Genre: Fiction, Thriller
  • Language: English
  • File type: mobi
  • File size: 396 kb
  • Ratings: 3.79/5 (

Download The Fox by Frederick Forsyth free pdf.

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