The fault in our stars by John Green

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Download The fault in our stars by John Green free pdf.

The book review: The fault in our stars by John Green

Hazel’s thyroid cancer has spread to her lungs. She is 16 years old and depressed. She barely left her house and kept reading the same book again and again. Her mother took her to see her doctor who suggests attending a weekly cancer support group. She started attending a cancer support group but the group also felt depressed to her. After some meetings, Hazel saw a new boy, a year older than her and he was staring at her. The boy’s name was Augustus. Augustus has lost his right leg because of osteosarcoma.

Eventually, they become friends and Hazel went to his house to watch a movie. They developed a good relationship and agreed to read each other’s favorite novels.

From the book:

I had a surgery called radical neck dissection, which is about as pleasant as it sounds. Then radiation. Then they tried some chemo for my lung tumors. The tumors shrank, then grew. By then, I was fourteen. My lungs started to fill up with water. I was looking pretty dead—my hands and feet ballooned; my skin cracked; my lips were perpetually blue. They’ve got this drug that makes you not feel so completely terrified about the fact that you can’t breathe, and I had a lot of it flowing into me through a PICC line, and more than a dozen other drugs besides. But even so, there’s a certain unpleasantness to drowning, particularly when it occurs over the course of several months. I finally ended up in the ICU with pneumonia, and my mom knelt by the side of my bed and said, “Are you ready, sweetie?”.

Augustus appeared in her life depressed life and lifter her soul. Hazel’s life is about to rewritten.

The fault in our stars is John Green’s most ambitious work and is Newyork Times bestseller. The book is also adapted into a movie of the same name in 2012.

About the Book:

  • Book Name: The Faults in our stars
  • Author: John Green
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Language: English
  • File Type: pdf
  • File Size: 665kb
  • Pages: 324

Download The fault in our stars by John Green free pdf.

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