Recollections of my nonexistence by Rebecca Solnit

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The Book review: Recollections of my nonexistence by Rebecca Solnit

In Recollections of my nonexistence, Rebecca shares her story of founding her voice as a writer and as a feminist in the 1980’s San Francisco. Gender violence was common on the streets at that time and women were mostly excluded from the cultural realm.

In her twenties, being poor and drifting in the city, she found herself an apartment where she would spend eight years of her life. She used her mother’s name to fill the application form of the apartment. So, she spent her eight years in fear of being chased away from the apartment.

She was poor. So she scrounged furniture off the street. Poverty became a great teacher for her. She valued the little things that she owned. She read books standing in the book stores or spent months or years in finding cheapest used copies.

The story of Rebecca is not about just fighting poverty but the violence against women. After some days of moving into the apartment, she received a desk as a gift from her friend who survived a knife attack from her ex. The same desk on which she wrote this biography of her’s.

From the book: Recollections of my nonexistence

Sitting at that desk to write this, I went to the online photography archive of the city that my public library maintains, hoping to recall a little of what the old neighborhood looked like. The fourth photograph for the street I lived on was from June 18, 1958, of a house a block and a half away, and it bore this caption: “Curious passersby peer down an alley, alongside 438 Lyon Street, where the body of Dana Lewis, 22, nude except for a black bra, was found today. Police, after a preliminary examination, said bruises on the victim’s throat indicated that she might have been garroted by a length of rope.” It’s clear her death is a spectacle for the newspaper as well, which describes her in titillating terms, while the passersby are described as curious rather than distressed by the sight of a corpse.

About the book:

  • Book name: Recollections of my nonexistence
  • Author: Rebecca Solnit
  • Genre: Biography
  • Language: English
  • File type: epub
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Download Recollections of my nonexistence by Rebecca Solnit free pdf.

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