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The book review: Insomnia by Stephen King.

The story takes place in the Maine city of Derry. Carolyn is living her last days suffering from cancer. Her hope for life is diminishing every day. Ralph begins to go for long walks, not caring about the hot summers.

His longtime companion, the only woman he had ever loved, was going to die.

Shortly after her death, Every night, Ralph wakes up earlier than the previous night. And after some days his sleep has gone completely. He is experiencing Insomnia. ┬áRalph starts to see what he initially concludes are hallucinations, figments of the imagination of a sleep-deprived mind. Auras around people, animals, changing in shape and color to seemingly reflect that person’s health, thoughts, mood, and personality. He suffers, largely in silence, until the day where, almost by accident, he discovers that he is not alone in what he is experiencing.

Meanwhile, all is not well in the sleepy Maine city of Derry, where the entire story takes place. A national pro-choice advocate, Susan Day, is scheduled to speak in support of a local woman’s shelter which is also suspected of providing abortion counseling and referrals. In response, a pro-life group begins to stage protests in the vicinity of the shelter and throughout Derry. One man, however, Edward Deepneau, plans to do much more than protest.

It falls to Ralph and his companion, to stop Ed at all costs, resulting in a battle that takes place both in this world, and the world of the auras.

About the Book:

  • Book: Insomnia
  • Author: Stephen King
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Language: English
  • File type: epub
  • File Size: 669kb

Download Insomnia by Stephen King free ebook.

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