Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal

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Engineering Mathematics is a common subject for every engineering branch. For computer science students, mathematics syllabus is wider than that of other engineering disciples. Engineering mathematics is also a compulsory subject of GATE. There are many engineering mathematics are available but choosing right book is very difficult. To improve your concepts and achieve good practice of numerical problems use engineering mathematics by BS Grewal.

The concepts of mathematics must be cleared in order to perform well in semester exams and in GATE as well. Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal is one of the most preferred engineering mathematics books by students of IITs and NITs.

The book is very comprehensive in nature. It covers almost every topic of the mathematics syllabus of engineering colleges.

Contents of Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal. 

  1. Algebra, vectors, and geometry
  2. Calculus
  3. Series
  4. Differential Equations
  5. Complex analysis
  6. Transforms
  7. Numerical Techniques
  8. special topics (calculus of variations, Integral equations, Discrete mathematics, and Tensor analysis). 

Various solved example problems are provided in each topic for the concept building and numerous unsolved problems from exam papers of different universities in India are given for practice.

About the book 

  • Book name – Higher Engineering Mathematics 
  • Author – BS  Grewal
  • File type – djvu 
  • File size – 89MB
  • Chapters – 38 
  • Pages – 1327

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